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辦公室裝修設計中心 - hk office design & furniture

On-site measurements and quotations for free

免費現場度量及報價 - free quotation

In order to provide a more accurate professional planning, we arrange experienced designers to arrive on-site, provide free measurements and enquiries.

Professional enquiries and communications

專業查詢溝通  free inquiry

Online appointment for enquiries and estimations could be made before starting any detailed planning. Specialists will arrange related services according to your needs.

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一條龍多元服務 - one stop service

We integrate diversified services and we are responsible for the overall process starting from the design, engineering and furniture of your working space, to the installations of hardware, such as telephone exchange, access control, fire safety.

Experienced and professional design

資深專業設計 - professional design service

Experienced designers can design in accordance with functional needs and show refined ease and convenience in the office space.

辦公室設計達人的專注堅持 - hk office design

Insistence and perseverance of our designers

HK Office Design insists on persevering the idea of “putting ourselves in customers’ shoes”. With 10-years accumulation of profession, we maintain the same persistence, aiming to create a unique office area out of the feelings of clients, giving people a working environment with warmness. Each office should have her own stage. Disregarding the size of operation, the types of projects, areas, levels of complexity and difference in design styles, our projects maintain the determination pursing excellence in quality.。

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HK Office Design (HKOD) is good at communicating in an intimate and understanding way to suit the preference, habits and requirements of the clients. Apart from spending budget only where it is most needed, by combining color matching and flow mechanisms on planning designs and using materials, we create a visual esthetics in a vivid way.

In order to develop a perfect office space, we go the real scene, demand precision of every detail, strive to show the corporation spirit, reject unrealistic spending, highly manage the building quality, as well as provide all-round customer services and give you true peace of mind, building and maintenance warranty, dedicate to build the never-changing goal: develop customized working areas and environment, in order to realize the expectation of our clients.

辦公室設計達人的專注堅持 - hk office design

HK Office Design 細膩創意

Delicate creativity+

Turning office design into an artwork, integrating flow design, material usage, space allocation, air ventilation and lighting, casting the beauty on details.

We uphold the philosophy “credits get trusts, qualities build brands”. Within space design, we focus on the interacting relationship between man and environment, focus on customers, look after their thoughts and implement their needs, tell the story of the corporation, confer the vitality of the public space.

 We keep exceeding, pursuing the design level with a higher quality. We finish stylish works that are in high quality and standard, at the same time, we add creativity in adjusting each inch of delicate expression.

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