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辦公室傢俬hk office design & furniture factory

Commercial furniture and decoration are the spirit of the theme of a shop. Branding Works sets up Tailor-made Office Furniture specially, aims to make your ideal customized furniture and fulfills the need of both beauty and characteristics of the office, including working desks, seats, storing containers, receptions and conference rooms. Apart from that, we will use painting, wallpaper and flooring design to help you build a better office environment in an easy way.

The fees of every furniture building services are listed clearly. We understand the office design planning and work requirement. Clients can fully understand the process from the confirmation of the composition to the production and delivery. Clients can communicate with our specialists whenever they need.

Also, we guarantee service will be done on time. Compensation can be claimed if the work is delayed.

Professional designers manage the whole process from design to output. We promise:

  • Unique furniture design, match with entire brand image

  • Deliveries take place within 10-15 working days with 1-year structural maintenance

  • Free inspection for 6 months. Free repairs will be provided for structural problems

  • Each step will be confirmed clearly on the date of confirmation, including design plans confirmation, production period, inspection and packaging, delivery dates booking and confirmation

  • 100% quality assurance wooden board with a low-level of formaldehyd

  • Offer choices of EO wooden board with a low-level of formaldehyd, ensure a healthy and reassuring living environment

  • Special installation of silent, dustproof door frame, we provide you tidy storing space and a quiet environment

  • The air vents in the cupboards are located by computers, ensure interlayers are installed accurately inside the cupboards.

Products with high quality including a low-level of formaldehyd, flame-retardant, scratchproof are provided.
5 years structural maintenance for customized furniture, this long maintenance is rare in the market

老木匠工場 commitment process

老木匠工場 commitment process


辦公室傢俬 hk office design & furniture factory

辦公室傢俬 hk office design & furniture factory


(7-10 days for custom-made products)

Working Table

  • Boss desks

  • Managerial desks

  • Workstation system

  • Foldable tables

  • Circle conference table

  • Laminate desks

  • 3 Drawer mobile pedestals

  • Electric adjustable desks


  • Management seating

  • Executive seating

  • Clerical Chairs

  • Multi-purpose seating

  • Conference rooms seating

Conference room

  • Full high partition

  • LED projection system

  • Conference and meeting wood tables

  • Training tables and chairs


  • Reception desks

  • Office sofa

  • Coffee tables


  • 鋼File and storage system

  • 活Mobile filing cabinet and storage rack

  • 雙Laminate cabinet