Office Design & Build Workflow

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寫字樓設計及裝修 - 服務流程 - office design & build workflow


線上/來電查詢 - office design & build workflow


Online/telephone enquiries

For any building requirements or online estimations, you can contact us online or make a call with us. We will reply and arrange visits as soon as possible.



Appointments making

Once we understand your requirements, professional designers will contact you, have discussion and estimation according to your needs, make arrangement of further visits or on-site measurements.



預約面訪 - hk office design & build workflow

面訪溝通/現場度量 - hk office design & build workflow


Face-to-face communications/

On-site measurements

HK Office Design will further discuss requirements and details with you. Professional measuring services are provided for free.



The rules of the graphic designs
+ quotations

In accordance with the on-site space measurement, your design and build needs, an initial graphic layout and design quotations will be provided within 5 business days, together with the discussion of the layout shaving and flow of the graphic space.




平面設計規劃+報價 - hk office design & workflow

室內3D Rendering 設計擬真圖 - hk office design & build workflow


Interior 3D Rendering design layout plan

Have no worries about the discrepancy between the final products and your imagination, as well as the need to further feel the actual space of completion, as we will provide interior 3D Rendering design layout plan with your required space, material, light configuration fully imitated.


Pre-evaluations and confirmations

In accordance with the design of your final space planning, you will receive the most professional and comprehensive valuation of works. For example materials, metals, furniture and design details. We will also be the gatekeeper of your budget.



預算評估及確認 - hk office design & build workflow

工程簽訂合約 - hk office design & build workflow


Contracts signing

Once the budget is confirmed, design engineering contract will be signed by both parties. Your rights and related ensurance of the subsequent works will be guaranteed with the highest standard.



Implementation and Promises

Within our assessed duration, implementation will be processed on schedule with the highest efficiency and quality, stringent regulatory building quality control and acceptance. Designers and workers will start fast and follow up all the way until the end of the project.
Designers: Understand the needs of both employees and each department, develop design projects, provide office environment

Build: For example, one-stop project planning and design and all building works. (Including false ceilings, air conditionings, water pumps and electrical installation, partition walls and doors installations, carpenter, plastering and ground stage.)






設計工程執行 - hk office design & build workflow

開工快,跟到尾 - hk office design & build workflow


Performance pledge-

Start fast and follow up all the way through

Contact property management companies and their assigned fire subcontractors, connect electrical suppliers, computer facilities and network service providers, networking engineering suppliers, closed-circuit television system, access control system, security systems, intercom system.



Complete the work smoothly on time, celebrate on opening a business at a fine time and on a lucky day.


開業大吉 - hk office design & build workflow