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專注原創設計 - hk office design

設計及裝修套餐式報價 - 最佳保障,明碼實價 - hk office design

Quotations based on design and build packages

-The best guarantee, Clear flat prices

The establishment of HK Office Design is to be a real game changer in the traditional design and build field, tighten up the monitoring and enhance transparency, and make it easier to implement building.

We focus on quality. We have strong determination to provide the best guarantee and services for our clients. We do our best in finishing your building wholeheartedly. Branding work has already provided opinions on building for more than 500 clients, and has accumulated more than 200 finished and processing cases with the satisfaction percentage of over 90%.

Performance pledge-

Start fast and follow up all the way through

  • Designers

Understand the needs of both employees and each department, develop design projects, provide office environment

  • Buildings

For example, one-stop project planning and design, spatial planning, furniture design and installation, all building works, building process planning. (Including false ceilings, air conditionings, water pumps and electrical installation, partition walls and doors installations, carpenter, plastering and flooring.)

  • Contacts

Contact property management companies and their assigned fire subcontractors, connect electrical suppliers, computer facilities and network service providers, networking engineering suppliers, closed-circuit television system, access control system, security systems, intercom system.




服務承諾 - 開工快,跟到尾! - hk office design

明碼實價 - hk office design

Clear flat price- benefits of the platforms

  • Many to one service
Professional teams formed by different parties and provide diversified assistance
  • Free online valuation
Rapid and self-help. Simple estimation of budget
  • Technical support
Maintain on-going communications about consequential works
  • 200+ successful cases
Actual completed cases that give you complete confidence
  • Online real cases
You can refer to different building styles
  • Professional building team
Quick match up with appropriate designers and works to start the project

Standard quotations disregarding the scale of your operation

  • Meticulous quotations
List the work project in detail, no hidden fees
  • Clear contract terms
List the credit period, work duration and maintenance in detail to protect both parties’ interests
  • Newly-add work monitoring
Signatures of both parties are required on newly-add projects to ensure everything is correct
  • Finish on time
Delays will increase expenditure, to have no time to lose

不論大小公司 - 標準報價 - hk office design

優質老實師傅,用心做好設計工程 - hk office design

Quality and honest workers

Implement the design projects carefully

  • Free measurement
Truthful and reliable workers will appear in presence and supply quotations
  • Rigorous selection process
Workers are required to pass interviews and assessment to ensure their excellence
  • Regular assessment
Workers with poor performances will be phased out to ensure the quality of the building
  • Rich experience
More than 200 successful cases, better understand on the balance of time and expenses, practical-led models of partnerships.

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