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寫字樓設計及裝修套餐 - 明碼實價- Office Design & Build Package

辦公室設計 - 免費面談及報價 hk office design

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HK Office Design provides one-stop interior design platform, where professional designs and builds can be found. All designers on our platform are proven professionals with rich experiences, professional knowledge and genuine attitudes.

Questions about your needs will be answered and professional designers will be recommended. With reference to the quotations, past assessments and design products of the designers, you can choose the appropriate one.

Saving 90% of your time, face-to-face meetings and quotations for free.

Office Design and Build Package

Price ranging from HK$200-600/square feet (with reference to the usable area)

  • $200-$250  Packages
incl. all painting, carpet and wallpaper
  • $$300-350 Packages
strengthen furniture, floor tiles, false ceilings
  • $400 Packages
strengthen reception and wall decorations
  • $500 Packages
strengthen designs- partitions, meeting rooms, managers rooms
  • $600 Packages
focus on strengthening high standard office desks and chairs, add more interactive elements

#Quotations of fire, air-conditioning and furniture on demand
Disregard the size of the company, we will clear flat prices



辦公室 - 裝修及設計套餐  - hk office design

辦公室 - 基本裝修項目 - build office

辦公室 - 基本裝修項目 - build office

辦公室 - 基本裝修項目 - build office

辦公室 - 基本裝修項目 - build office

辦公室 - 基本裝修項目 - build office

Basic projects
Quality and honest workers, who implement the design projects carefully

 Preparation Word

  • Timetable

  • Interior design basic work drawings and 3D drawings

  • Insurance

  •  Cleaning

 Ceiling Works

  • False ceilings paved with plastered board and wooden gap

  • Indoor Ceilings and planters

  • Ceilings, air-conditional outlet, wood case

  • Painting works of ceilings


  • Newly spray expose cement ceiling

  • Newly made false ceiling with emulsion paint

  • Newly made walls and wallpaper


  • Office Furniture

  • Reception Furniture

  • Walls and doors of conference rooms

Mud Works

  • Plastering cement floor slab

  • Repairing walls and ceilings

  • Laying ground tiles/ carpets

 Water + Electricity

  • New 13A double socket/ single socket

  • New TV, cable, CCTV socket

  • Server rooms

  • New ceiling light position and lighting switch location on wall

  • Man-made general power box 

  • Supply and install LED logo light

  • Making water mains in pantries