Partition Wall for Meeting Room

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會議室設計 partition wall for meeting room

做好會議室,好生意的第一步 hk office design

First step for good business

Building the conference room well

Conference room is a crucial place. Medium-sized conference rooms are used for discussion among departments, internal small meetings and general business negotiations. Small-sized conference rooms are common places used for discussions among employees and communication, where the work enthusiasm of employees and creative inspiration can be stimulated.

There are 3 main points on designing conference rooms- lighting, layout and color. HK Office Design is rich experienced in designing conference rooms. In our opinions, tasks can be achieved easily when we grab just a few points.

Requirement for lighting design and light ray
1、Light and illumination
The illumination of the light is the basic requirement for video conferencing. As the time for video conference is often randomly picked, when we design the office, the room should apply artificial cold light illuminator and prevent natural light. The doors and windows of the room should be covered by dark-colored curtains

2、Requirement for the location of installation
Tricolor lamps are often installed on the ceiling of the room. While L-shape frames are required to be installed on the ceiling, lamps are installed at the corners of the L-shape frames, the reflection of light from the ceiling is preferably used to light up the room instead of direct light.

 會議室燈光設計與光線要求 - hk office design

會議室的配色要求 -  hk office design

會議室的配色要求 -  hk office design

Requirement for coloring

1、Background color
Background should apply single design. Using uniform light color would be the most satisfying choice, and people often choose beige and grey for the background. To help the setting of camera iris, we should not use pictures and must avoid using contrasts of strong color.

2、Color matching of the other 3 wall
Another 3 walls, floor and ceiling of the room should also match the color of the background. Black or saturation bright color should be avoided. Light blue and light grey are often used. Every wall should not use complicated patterns or pictures. To prevent sunlight illuminating directly on the equipment, windows should be sealed or install tinted glasses, thick curtains can also be used.

3、Conference tables
The tables should apply classroom style. At the same time, to avoid shadows on the faces, room should use light-colored desk surface or tablecloth.