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專心做好辦公室設計服務 - HK Office Design 香港及中國


專心做好辦公室設計服務 - HK Office Design 香港及中國

Concentrate on finishing office design services

With more than 10 years working experience in the office design field, HK Office Design believes that most people spend their time in offices. Offices are their second home. Therefore, whether they have a great time working, the working environment counts an important element.

While appropriate office build design can highlight a company and a corporate culture, the building style of an office can demonstrate the characteristics of the user, the standard of an office build can influence directly the whole corporation and company image. Therefore, with the rise in technological level, the need for office build is more than just simply separating an area for individual uses, but also to show the simple, fashionable, comfortable and practical feelings, allowing people to be well-motivated in both living and working.

Interpret your story and brand

The differences in our growing background, living circumstances and experiences help create special individuals with uniqueness HK Office Design. In order to strike us to the very core in a touching working space, a unique story element must be included. HK Office Design strives to complete the unique story with customized modifications.

With the accumulation of practical experience for years, HK Office Design has kept transforming in both design and build performances, finding the balance of build quality and uniqueness, upholding enthusiasm and vividness, integrity and ethics, as well as eco-friendly concept, to create a different future.



你的故事、你的品牌 - hk office design

為辦公室創作一個文化 - hk office design

Create an office culture

The aim of office build is to finish an exquisite build in accordance with the features of the field, allowing the perfect build to accompany our work and learning, and as a result of decorating our lifestyles and dreams. Within the process of pursuing these aims, office build is positioned as a ruler with high standard decoration. HK Office Design always combine the relationship between people, space and nature, strive to achieve a healthy and green office build requirement.

The 3 perspectives of a successful office build

  1. Position - office build is the source of life of a corporation. It sustains the cores of the materialistic culture within the company. In order to build a good office effect, office must show the best visual effect.

  2. Style - To evoke the aesthetic enjoyment and build a good corporation brand image, simple, fashionable and classic should be set as the as the mainstreams of office build.

  3. Taste - When both materialistic and spiritual culture, features and images of the corporation are shown in the working space, morale can then be boosted.


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